Weekly Report February 04


Mid – Week Pennant.

The A1’s played host to local rivals Yarrawonga, and in a hard-fought match, it was the team from the other end of Belmore St. who won the day, with the final scores Yarrawonga 56 shots and 11 points to YMGCR 50 shots and 3 points. Securing 2 points for YMGCR were the rink of Rhonda Irvine (L), Ray Brown (2), Greg Green (3), and Julian Jones (S), who accounted for their opponents 18 shots to Yarrawonga 16 shots. This latest match result leaves YMGCR in 7th place on 64 points.

The A2’s travelled to St. James and the hosts won the day comfortably, St. James 64 shots and 10 points to YMGCR 45 shots and 4 points. Working hard to secure a rink win were Cliff Morton (L), Cathy Spinks (2), Liliana Borwick (3), and Danny McNeill (S), winning 23 shots to St. James 21 shots. The A2’s now find themselves in 4th place and a chance of playing finals.

Our A3 side journeyed to Rutherglen, and it was a clean sweep for the wine region team. Rutherglen, 89 shots and 14 points, to YMGCR 42 shots and 0 points. An honourable mention to the rink of Marie Morffew (L), Jill Lamson (2), Tony Durkin (3), and Ian Morffew (S), who kept their opponents on their toes and, in the context of the overall result, went down narrowly 18 shots to Rutherglen 25 shots. After 12 rounds the A3’s are in 7th place on the ladder.

Wednesday Social Bowls.

16 players participated on Wednesday the 31st of January. The format was 3 bowl pairs, with all games played on the west green. The winners were Mick Reilly (S), and Barb Tennyson (L), with two wins and plus 12 shots. The runners up were the team of Norm Windebank (S), and Kurt Bleckwehl (L), with plus 3 shots. Gavin Borwick won the Luck Number. The Rolling Jackpot did not go off and this week jumps to a very impressive $200.00. For a chance at winning the Rolling Jackpot and enjoying a good day out place your names on the Wednesday Social Sheet at the Bowls Office. Visitors are welcome, and we would ask visitors who place their name on the list to include a contact telephone number.

Men’s Pairs Final.

The final of the Men’s Pairs was played on Thursday the 1st of February with Gary Presnell (L) and Ray Irvine (S), playing Ian Keat (L) and Garry Sanders (S). The final score line of Presnell, Irvine 6 shots to Keat, Sanders 15 shots does not reflect the standard of play. Garry Sanders brought his A game to the fore, playing some terrific conversion shots. Congratulations to Ian (Skeeter) Keat and Garry Sanders, our new Club Men’s Pairs Champions and well done to Gary Presnell and Ray Irvine on reaching the final.

Weekend Pennant.

Finding themselves in 2nd place on the ladder, the A1’s made their way to Wangaratta for what loomed as a danger game. When the YMGC players boarded the bus for the trip home they had won a significant victory, which at the least, should see them finish the home and away season in 2nd place. Final scores were Wangaratta 69 shots and 2 points to YMGCR 84 shots and 16 points. Blazing the trail for YMGCR were the rink of Colin Withers (L), Greg Green (2), Julian Jones (3) and Garry Sanders (S), who won 26 shots to 14 shots.

The A2’s hosted Yarrawonga and the visitors, who sit in 2nd place on the ladder, and are looking to promotion to A1 for the next season, brought their A game to the Golf Club winning in a clean sweep 110 shots and 18 points to YMGCR 48 shots, 0 points. Fighting out the game to the end were the rink of Norm Windebank (L), Ross Lloyd (2), Vic Brincat (3), and Neil Loveridge who went down narrowly 15 shots to Yarrawonga 18 shots. The A2’s are now sitting in 7th place on the ladder.

The A4’s played away at the tiny hamlet of Swanpool and unfortunately journeyed home having been convincingly beaten. Final scores Swanpool 96 shots and 16 points to YMGCR 70 shots and 2 points. Securing two points for YMGCR were Barb Tennyson (L), Jill Lamson (2), Chris Horne (3), and Doddy Dodman (S) who beat their opponents 27 shots, including that rarest of scores an 8 on one end, to Swanpool 16 shots. The A4’s are now in 5th place with a chance of finals if they continue to win.

Our B2 team played host to Corowa Civic and the visitors made a clean sweep of the game. Corowa Civic 86 shots and 14 points to YMGCR 42 shots and 0 points. The B2’s are now in 7th place. Until next week, good bowling.

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