Weekly Report February 11


Mid – Week Pennant.

The A1’s travelled to Corowa Civic with a chance of playing finals if they should  win and staring down relegation if they lost. Unfortunately, the hosts were not in a charitable mood and the final scores scotched YMGCR’s hopes of playing finals. The final scores saw Civic 60 shots and 12 points to YMGCR 46 shots and 2 points. Bringing 2 points back to the Golf Club was the rink of Rhonda Irvine (L), Ray Brown (2), Greg Green (3), and Julian Jones (S), who beat their opponents 22 shots to 16 shots. The A1’s are now only 3 points above Myrtleford on 63 points and the last game of the season, played at the Golf Club, is a must win to avoid relegation.

The A2’s played host to Wangaratta and made a clean sweep of the match; YMGCR 76 shots and 14 points to Wangaratta 41 shots and 0 points. This convincing win sees the A2’s in 4th place with a real chance of participating in finals action. Winning in style for YMGCR were Chris Horne (L), Vicki Withers (2), Garry Hart (3), and Allan Goudge (S), who put their opponents to the sword 27 shots to 12 shots.

The A3’s played host to Wodonga, and it was the visitors who showed no mercy, winning well; final scores Wodonga 83 shots and 12 points to YMGCR 39 shots and 2 points. Determined to the last, and doubling their opponent’s score was the YMGCR rink of Marie Morffew (L), Jill Lamson (2), Tony Durkin (3), and Ian Morffew (S) who won 24 shots to Wodonga 12 shots. The A3’s are now in 7th place and have to win their last game to secure their place in the A3 section for next season.


Wednesday Social Bowls.

18 players participated on Wednesday the 7th of February, and the format for the day was 2 games of two bowl triples. The winners were the rink of Frankie Lieberg (L), Chris Horne (2), and Mick Reilly (S), who finished with a score of an impressive plus 20 shots. The runners up were Neville Coleman (L), Gavin Borwick (2), and Bob Fiddes (S), who wound up on 19 plus shots just finishing behind the winners by 1 shot! The Luck Number winner was Chris Horne. The Rolling Jackpot stands at $200.00 and was not claimed. The Jackpot will remain at $200.00 until claimed.


Weekend Pennant.

The A1’s played host to Kiewa and it was something of a routine, if not spectacular, win for YMGCR. Final scores: YMGCR 77 shots and 15 points to Kiewa 71 shots and 3 points. Anchoring the win for YMGCR was the rink of Gary Presnell (L), Wayne Lowrie (2), Anne Miles (3), and Ian Brimblecombe (S), who won 22 shots to their opponents 13 shots.

The A2’s travelled to Howlong and the hosts could not be accused of extending the welcome mat to YMGCR. The final scores were Howlong 105 shots and 18 points to YMGCR 57 shots and 0 points. Keeping the opposition honest and on the job all game were the rink of Bob Brokenshire (L), Ross Lloyd (2), Vic Brincat (3), and Neil Loveridge (S), who went down narrowly 17 shots to Howlong 18 shots. The A2’s are now in 7th place and it is a must win last round if they are to avoid relegation.

The A4’s entertained Corowa RSL and the match finished in a draw YMGCR 76 shots and 11 points to Corowa RSL 76 shots and 7 points. Even thought it was a draw it was a points win for YMGCR securing 11 points. Winning well for YMGCR was the rink of Cliff Morton (L), Vicki Withers (2), Tony Durkin (3), and Marcia McGrillen (S), beating their opponents 17 shots to 14 shots. The A4’s are in 5th place and should they win in the last round, they may play in the finals.

St. James hosted the B2’s and it was YMGCR who won the day in style. YMGCR 67 shots and 14 points to St. James 52 shots and 0 points. Leading the charge for YMGCR were Carolyn Boston (L), Sue Evans (2), Neville Coleman (3), and Les Balfour (S) who won 24 shots to St. James 16 shots. The B2’s are in 6th place on the ladder. Until next week, good bowling.

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