The YMGCR Bowls Section’s elected Selection Committees (Midweek and Weekend) are responsible to the Bowls Committee for all Pennant activities. In carrying out those responsibilities their duties shall include:

  • Once elected, each Selection Committee shall appoint a Chairperson from within their own ranks;
  • Appointed Chairpersons should be available to attend meetings of the Bowls Committee when required;
  • Developing appropriate policies on selection and/or other matters relevant to pennant competitions;
  • Selecting players for pennant matches, displaying those selections on the pennant noticeboard and the YMGCR Bowls website;
  • Arranging pennant practice including practice matches with other Bowls Clubs as and when appropriate;
  • Maintaining pennant records, including posting results and ladders on the noticeboard and the YMGCR Bowls website;
  • Being available as a committee at mutually convenient times to meet players who have a grievance or who wish to discuss their pennant selection and/or performance;
  • Matters discussed at selection meetings are to be treated as strictly confidential and all selectors are to accept mutual responsibility for decisions made by their committees;
  • Promote friendship and loyalty within the Bowls Section and endeavour to provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all pennant players;
  • Recommending to the Bowls Committee the number of sides to be entered into pennant competitions for the ensuing pennant seasons;
  • Selecting and training of Side Captains/Team Managers
  • Strict observance of the Bowls Section’s Pennant Selection Policy


All players will be selected on merit, taking into account such matters as:

  • Regular attendance at practice/training sessions;
  • Commitment to play for the club;
  • Compatibility with other members of the team;
  • Position in the team;
  • Behaviour that will promote and encourage team spirit;
  • Willingness to display a competitive and sportmanship culture
    within the club

The voting form is an important guide for selection and ALL players are expected to complete it. Players are encouraged to meet with the Midweek or Weekend Pennant Selection Committee to discuss any problems


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